"I am not a doctor. More than 15 years ago I was confronted with a life threatening disease, I had to learn how to help my body to heal and change my life style. Out of necessity I collected all this knowledge about healing and adopting healthy habits. And I know you don't have much time or energy when you fall seriously sick. I am sharing this with you, so you have it available when you need it. Actually the best time to start is now - so you don't need to deal with a life threatening disease. Start living healthy now because you understand, because you want to have radiant energy, because you want to live a creative and fulfilling life. Here is what I have learnt about healing and continue to learn, about the miracles of the body and mind, about this inherent energy inside of us that can heal. Every healing journey is different, every body, every mind is different. Take what feels good to you, start experimenting for yourself. Create your own journey of healing and empower yourself. Write your own book.


Relax your mind, come into the moment, go inside, be curious and watch. Take some time each day. Find a meditation technique that resonates with you, that makes you feel at peace, happy, tranquil. Sitting silently watching your breath, moving slowly watching your feet touch the ground, running and feeling your energy moving inside, looking at the sky and becoming one with his vastness and beauty, dancing wildly disappearing into the dance. There are a so many meditation techniques. Find a master, find a meditation group, get a book and try it out by yourself or invent your own technique. Whatever feels right. Just take time to explore and transcend yourself. Enter this space where there are no worries, no time, no death, just the gap, the void and bliss from all sides. For information on Osho active meditations, go to For Osho books, tapes, videos go to For active meditations in Los Angeles and to connect with my online meditation group go to


Get your heart pumping, your energy flowing, get into the flow of life. Buy a trampoline and jump on it for 15 minutes every day to get your lymph moving and support your immune system. Go for a morning run, go for an evening walk. Join a gym and work out at least twice a week. Be sure you to breathe ecstatically for at least 20 minutes every day. Breathing gives you oxygen and connects you with the universe and with deeper layers of your own self.

Stretch out your body daily. Do it slowly, till your muscles and tendons relax. If you don't know how to do it, take some Yoga classes. Don't stress yourself and take time to rest and relax. Get an acupuncture session or shiatsu massage or rolfing session to jump start your meridian system. For acupuncture in Los Angeles I recommend Drs. Mikio and Cathy Senkey (310 673 8225) in Inglewood. They are both fantastic and have helped me through difficult times. Or get a session at Emperors college for little money. Have a dry sauna once a week or every day. Best is infrared sauna. Sweating the body detoxes through the skin.

When taking a shower always end with a cold shower. Cold showers get the body more alkaline. Alternate between hot and cold water several times. Dry brush your body with a natural brush or sponge before showers. Always brush towards your heart. This moves the lymph and strengthens your immune system. Take a clay bath to pull out toxins from your body.

Get out of town, hike and breath. Go into nature and let yourself be nourished. Open your heart and join in the celebration of life. Get sun every day for at least 30 minutes. Have more sex. Have more fun.


What you think and feel has a huge impact on your bodymind system. Your thoughts immpact your emotions. Your body follows your mind. Thinking negative thoughts about yourself and your world brings your energy down. If you have an ongoing inside chatter about things you don't like, how life sucks, how miserable you are, you will eventually create disease. Become aware of your thought patterns. Write down what you think without editing it and you might be surprised. Also watch what you say out loud, your unconscious is listening in all the time! Get some help through psychotherapy, hypnosis or NLP. Listen to relaxing and healing music.

Your mind is the most powerful machine. Learn how to reprogram your mind for health. Focus your mind on what you want! If your are in the wrong job, with the wrong partner, in the wrong country, change it! Don't wait. Every moment counts. We are not hear to suffer. Create the world you want to live in! If you don't have the power to change your surroundings, change your attitude. Enjoy each and very moment and your life will change, too!


What you eat every day has a huge impact on your system. An important step towards better health is getting your body more alkaline! Your cells need an alkaline surrounding in order to function properly.


Avoid white, processed sugar, sugar makes you sick, it disturbs the natural balance in the body and makes you crave more and more unhealthy foods. Your body uses a lot of minerals and vitamins to somehow deal with it. It pulls out the calcium from your bones. Sugar is responsible for your colds and flues and puts a constant strain on your body. Eat fresh delicious fruits instead. Use dates, organic maple syrup or raw organic honey to sweeten.

Avoid dairy products and milk, because they create mucus and are responsible for colds, coughs and sinus problems. Also dairy products are a good way to put on too much weight. If you feel you need milk, drink unpasteurized, organic raw milk. Goat milk is better than cow's milk. Avoid pasteurized products because they are missing the enzymes to help their digestion. Always go for raw. Or replace milk with almond or rice milk.

Regular butter can be replaced with raw organic butter (Whole Foods) or by Ghee (purified butter from India). Yoghurt and Kefir seem to be fine for most people, since they are fermented and provide the body with valuable bacteria.

Avoid fried foods. Heated oils are detremental to your liver and body cells. Avoid all margarines, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, shortening oils, they are veritable liver foes. Instead put some cold pressed olive oil on your food when it's ready or add avocado to your dish. Use high heat coconut oil for cooking, if you must.

Supplement with essential fatty acid oils (EFA), Your liver needs them to function well. Use EFA Oils even when you want to lose weight. Your body needs oils. They are vital for your liver and enable the cell membrane to eliminate toxins. They also keep your cell barriers strong and improve the efficiency of your immune system. Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are EFA oils. Omega 6 essential oils you find in sesame, safflower, sunflower, raw nuts, evening primrose oil, leafy greens, spirulina, soybeans, lecithin. Omega 3 essential oils you get from fish, pumpkinseeds, linseed oil, cod liver oil, leafy greens, walnuts, wheat germ, and sea vegetables.

Avoid conventional foods, buy organic! You don't want to put more toxins and pesticides in your body, do you?

Be easy on coffeine (coffee, black tea). Coffeine creates too much acid, instead drink Eden Kukicha Twig Tea, organic roasted Green Tea or just have a rest when your body feels tired!

Sea vegetables are highly recommended. They have lots of minerals and help you get your body alkaline: Wakame and Kombu are some of the most alkaline foods you can find.

Fermented Foods like Sauerkraut, Kefir, Joghurt, Miso, Soy Sauce, Umeboshi Paste, Kombucha, and others are very good for you. They need to be prepared in the traditional, time consuming way and not by simply adding vinegar. Don't buy them pasteurized! Raw and fermented they provide valuable bacteria. These bacteria are missing in our modern diets. Originally our digestive bacteria get introduced to us during natural birth. Antibiotics destroy them. Once you have taken antibiotics your digestive tract gets compromised. Then you need to take fermented foods, probiotics, acidophilis and other bacteria to bring back a healthy digestion. Antibiotics usually are the beginning of a downward health spiral. So avoid to take them, unless your life is in danger. Kefir, Kombuch a and Sauerkraut are easy to make yourself. Lots of recipies are available on the internet.

Raw vegetables have digestive enzymes and nutrients that get destroyed in the process of cooking. If you eat cooked foods add fermented products like Miso, Umeboshi Paste, Soysauce, Kimchi or Sauerkraut. They provide the necessary digestive enzymes. Or you can take enzymes in pill form with your meals. If you feel good on a raw food diet, just go for it. Not every 'body' thrives with raw foods. Different body types need different diets. You need to experiment which diet gives you the most energy and the best overall mood. Find the right fuel for your engine. Aryuveda has a comprehensive system of body types. The bodies needs also chang with climate and season. So learn to listen to your own inner voice, watch what your body tells you and don't follow any system blindly. Becoming aware of your own feelings and needs is part of the healing process.

Fresh juices are a great source of nutrients for the body. They cleanse and nourish the body. They help your elimination and you absorb more nutrients. Get a juicer and make fresh juices of celery, lettuce, kale, parsley, spinach, ginger, carrot and apple.


Make sure your bowels are moving properly. Usually they don't. You need to eliminate at least once a day fully. Better two or three times a day. It is normal for the body to evacuate in the early morning and about half an hour after every good meal. Give your body the time and relaxation it needs to do that.. How can you improve your bowel movement? Eat lots of fresh vegetables. Keep your body alkaline. Make a mixture of two to three teaspoons psyllium husk, a quarter teaspoon bentonite and half a teaspoon of ground flax seeds. Drink mixed with a full glass of water before breakfast. Maybe before dinner, too, if needed. Drink enough water. This mixture removes lots of toxins, but also water. So you need to drink more water.

Get a session of colonics, to cleanse out old stuff. Maybe you need one every week. Or you want to start your journey towards better health with a week of colonics and juicing. You can go to an institute or set up your home colonics (see below). Or you can start taking coffee enemas in the morning. Use the trampoline. It's very effective for bowel movement, too. Move and breathe. Try Dr. Schulzes bowel cleansing program:

How to do home colonics? Get a 4 gallon container and fix it about 4 feet above your toilet. Get 8 feet of surgical latex tubing. Insert one end into the container. On the other end the tube you need a clamp to control the water flowing out. You will need to attach an enema tip or catheter to it after you have filled the tube with water and clamped it. Add coffee to the water. To prepare the doffe add 2 tablespoons of gound fresh organic coffee to 1 pint of water. Bring to a boil and let it stand for 10 minutes. Pour about 16 litres/4 gallons of water into the container, add the coffee filtering off the grind using a sieve. The water temperature should be body temperature or less, but not too cold. Lubricate the tip of the tube and anus with coconut or palm oil. Sit comfortably on the toilet and insert the tip into the rectum. Leave the tip inside whilst flushing. This is more comfortable and saves you from having to reinsert the tip each time. Controlling the clamp, allow water to flow into the colon until you feel ready to release.


Chronic disease always takes a toll on the liver. Usually the liver is sluggish and gallbladder channels are clogged up. There are many different recipies available. I like Dr. Schulze's flush, because you build it up gradually and don't shock the liver too much. You can check out his pharmacy in Marina del Rey, at 4114 Glencoe Ave., call 1-800-herbdoc, or go online to I like his Liver/Gallbladder tincture and tea and the detox tincture. At his pharmacy you can also get lots of information about healing with raw foods, juice fasting and how to do the liver flush. Before you start the liver flush you need to have good bowl movements! See above.

Here is how you do the flush: Buy lots of green apples and start eating or juicing them. The next morning put one green apple, 1 galic glove, a piece of ginger, a tablespoon of organic olive oil and a glass of water in a blender. Drink this first thing in the morning. During the day keep eating green apples, raw vegetables and vegetable juice. The next day increase the garlic and the olive oil to two, then three, four and up to five each. Before and during your cleanse you can supplement with the Nanostonebreak from Nutrient Research ( This will hopefully push out some Gallbladder stones and help the liver work more efficiently. Works most effectivly, if you combine it with colonics.


The following superfoods will give your body the energy necessary for healing and overcoming disease: Chlorella, spirulina, wakame, kombu, oat grass, barley grass, wheat grass, whey protein, nutritional yeast. Dr. Schulze's 'Superfood' and similar products.

Anti-cancer herbs. Coriolus, maitake, reishi, tumeric, sutherlandia, echineacea, pau d'arco, cats claw, hyssop, olive Leaf, mistle toe and various anti-parasite herbs. Chose a few, increase the dosage till you notice some reaction. Drink Red Clover tea for cleansing the blood.

Anti-parasite herbs. Clove, tansy, quassia chips, pumpkin seeds, turkey rhubarb, black walnut hulls, ragweed, artemsia annua (very strong). Try Artestatin (artemesia annua extract) by health concerns.

In all degenerative diseases parasites play an important role. So part of the cure is an intense parasite cleanse. Other indications for parasites are bloating, tiredness after meals, ferocious appetite, cravings, moodiness. You get parasites from raw veggies, raw fish, raw meats, pets and dirty hands, but only if you're immune system is down. Since this is the case for all of us once in a while because of stress or dispair, it is advisable to do a parasite cleanse twice a year.

Enzymes. Protease, a pancreatic enzymes, breaks tumor walls, thus helps your immune system to eliminate tumors. Amalyse, Cellulase help your digestion. You can get good digestive enzymes from 'Solary' or Metagenics (SpectraZyme)


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