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Relaxing, becoming receptive and asking a clear question is a good start for this process of finding your inner vision.

Take some time. Close the doors and spend time with yourself. Feel your breath going in and out, feel your body touching the ground, listen to the sounds inside the room and outside and enjoy entering the present moment.

Connect with your problem or question and listen for that whisper of your inner voice. Stay playful and sensitive like you would be around a very small child.


Working with young children I noticed that I have to slow down, open my heart and become receptive. We all have a child space inside that connects us with the wonderous and timeless dimension of being. Slowing down and becoming receptive is key.

There are some tools that have helped me to communicate with my inner child: meditation, tarot cards, astrology, pendulum, dream journeys, the presence of a good friend who can listen and help me bring some light to my problem.


About Pashyo

My first attempt to coach people was with my quarreling parents. I did not have much success there...So I looked for more effective ways. I learnt the art of Tarot Reading, Dream Journeys and Pendulum Work in Berlin, studied Western Astrology and Meditation in Osho's Ashram in India and encountered NLP and Hypnosis here in Los Angeles.

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What people say about Pashyo:

"Working with Pashyo in a 'Dream' session, was extremely enlightening and I learned more about my unconscious mind in the process. Having gone through the session I now trust my unconscious mind more. I especially found the Tarot card segment particularly insightful.

I had just been laid off from my job and was very concerned about income and ensuring I could manage my bills. The Tarot cards, pointed out that there was nothing to worry about, that my unconscious was not at all worried. It turns out 6 weeks later I was back at work and didn't miss a beat with bills or meeting my income needs. I will continue to have sessions with Pashyo as she is an awesome guide for helping you explore your unconscious which you can't do on your own.
Love and Light,"
Andrea, Nov. 2011

"Much Gratitude, Pashyo!!! The connection we shared was truly divine! Thank you for all that you ARE..."
Jen C.

"First Pashyo creates a circle of home-made art-cards of the signs that colorfully show you from within the circle the image of your stars in the shape of the zodiac.

The energy is calm and centered, synchronized to touch your own inner sense of self as you relate to the planets and their orientation together. With questions like, "How does this planet feel when you hold the card?" and "how does it feel to be in the circle?" help me locate my intuitive sense of how my personal astrology imbues me with purpose, passion and personality.

Not to be mistaken for a horoscope or a fortune telling, Pashyo sheds light on the delicate balance of celestial energy that empowers each of us here on earth. I left the reading feeling proud and in tune with why I love and live the way I do and an appreciation for the validation it brought to my character and charisma."
Rose B.