"My first attempt at coaching was with my quarreling parents.  I was only a few years old and did not have much success there... So I looked for more effective ways: I learnt the art of Tarot Reading, Western Astrology, Dream Journeys, Pendulum Work, NLP, Hypnosis and most importantly Meditation. These modalities have been part of my own healing journey and I have been sharing them in individual sessions for the last 25 years." Pashyo



Tarot cards are a mirror of our inner world. Using the images of the cards, you can have a dialogue with your unconscious mind. As you become aware of unconscious feelings, beliefs and desires, you can resolve inner conflicts and make decisions that truly reflect who you are. Once you learnt how to ask the right questions and become familiar wih the cards, you can use them as a tool for communication with your deeper self.
30 to 60 minutes



An astrological chart shows the placement of the planets in the moment when a person was born. Following the hermetic maxim "As above, so below" we assume that the quality of that universal moment reflects in the individual qualities. So with your chart as our starting point, we ask: How are these cosmic influences expressing themselves in your life? Are there other ways of living this constellation? What are your choices? Becoming aware of the different planetary energies you get a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. New possibilities of expressing yourself in your life become available. 90 minutes



The starting point for this journey is a question or a problem that you would like to explore. The journey happens in a very relaxed state where you allow your unconscious mind to talk to you in images. As your travel companion I help you to relax, to feel safe and to stay present. During the journey you will be able to connect with your power animal, or a spirit guide, a wise man or woman. After the journey we discuss the journey and see how it relates to your initial question.
60 to 90 minutes


Sessions are available in the valley or in mid-city and range between $45 and $95 for 30 - 90 min.
For bookings please call 310 940 4270.

What people say:

"Working with Pashyo in a 'Dream' session, was extremely enlightening...I found the Tarot card segment particularly insightful. I had just been laid off from my job and was very concerned about income and ensuring I could manage my bills. The Tarot cards, pointed out that there was nothing to worry about, that my unconscious was not at all worried. It turns out 6 weeks later I was back at work and didn't miss a beat with bills or meeting my income needs. I will continue to have sessions with Pashyo as she is an awesome guide for helping you explore your unconscious which you can't do on your own. 
Love and Light," 

"Much Gratitude, Pashyo!!! The connection we shared was truly divine! Thank you for all that you ARE..."
 Jen C.

"First Pashyo creates a circle of home-made art-cards of the signs that colorfully show you from within the circle the image of your stars in the shape of the zodiac... Not to be mistaken for a horoscope or fortune telling, Pashyo sheds light on the delicate balance of celestial energy that empowers each of us here on earth. I left the reading feeling proud and in tune with why I love and live the way I do and an appreciation for the validation it brought to my character and charisma."

Rose B.