Pashyo's World

Still Here

by Pashyo


My first contact with Osho was through his people. They were different, more loving, upbeat, alive, present and a lot more interesting to hang out with than ordinary folks. When I started doing Dynamic Meditation it blew me away and liberated my inner being. Memories flooded me and I became aware of my madness, my power, I became more courageous and outspoken. The experience of satsang, of sitting, humming and listening to the master helped me connect with my receptive, feminine side and I felt showered with bliss and love.

All of the above is still happening today. When I am with fellow sannyasins there is a certain vibration and my heart starts singing. When I visit other spiritual communities something is missing for me. I never found this combination of depth and ecstasy, of celebration and awareness anywhere else.

I love to move. So active meditations are perfect for me to this day. But when I want to find a whole hour in my day for meditation, my mind gives me a list of numerous things that urgently need my attention. Knowing this I keep creating meditation groups around me. Meditating together with others seems perfect and I find the time for it without a problem.

Right now we have weekly Dynamic and Kundalini meditations here in Los Angeles. It’s fun to meet, meditate, socialize and share Osho. The new people who come have often listened to his discourses on youtube, but never tried any of his active meditations. Thanks to my own laziness I am like this old useless tree that gives shade to whoever comes. The master’s skillful hands have turned my “uselessness” into something of “worth” – a card in the transformation tarot .

“…you are here to become more and more alive; you are here to become more and more intelligent; you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy.”

I’m still working on becoming more and more blissful. Catching myself when my thoughts want to recreate the old tune of misery and failure. Instead I come back to celebrating the sun, my existence, the new experiences that each day has for me and feel blessed with wonderful friends.

So, yes I am still part of Osho’s tribe. Once I caught a glimpse of the truth how can I ever forget?