Adventure into the Mysteries of the Heart
A One-day Workshop  
with Mystica

Introducing Mindfulness-Essentials with Mystica
The Path of the Heart
Opening to Self-Love and Healing
and the Joy of an Open Heart

Did you know that the heart has a much higher intelligence than your mind? In this group you will be guided to discover and access your own inate treasures. Come and join the mystery. Enter the dimension beyond the duality of the mind. Find out what is really important to you so that you know the direction that you want to go in life. Leave your shoes and minds behind and enter the world of joy, relaxation and bliss.

Come and celebrate yourself and give thanks for all the blessings
in your life.

Life is an Art -
Living is not to be understood,
but instead, a "Mystery to be lived"

What people say about Mystica:

"To be around her is a unique experience"
"It will change your life, uplift your spirit and open your heart"
"...major transformation of my life!"
"Your talents and your wisdom have made such a difference in my life!

"The greatest joy in life is to find the source of who you are, your real nature." Osho


Workshop Details:

January 28th, 11 am - 5 pm
The Court Yoga
Pashyo 310 940 4270
$115/$95*if booked before Jan 18
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310 356 6469 -