"Inner Vision"

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Join us for a fun filled day of Osho Meditations, Workshops and Celebration. We are focusing on our inner vision. With Osho Dynamic, Vipassana and Kundalini Meditation we are reaching inside. Osho's words guide us to this place of blissful stillness where knowing happens. We express our being through dance, celebration and cooking meditation. We use tarot cards as a mirror and share our vision with each other.

Our thanks go to Hanna for offering her beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. This enables us to meditate with nature and have a Pool and Jacuzzi Dance Party in the evening.

Although we encourage you to get the benefits of a whole day of Osho's meditations and workshops, you can chose any part of the day that you would like to experience. Please just click on the paypal button to see the different options.



Osho Day is held at Hanna's home in the Hollywood Hills. Address given upon registration. We are happy that she shares with us her beautiful home and garden.

If you are an artist, musician, therapist or workshop leader from the world of Osho and would like to present a taste of your skill in one of the upcoming Osho Meditation Days, please contact us.


Schedule of Events*
08:30 am Osho Dynamic Meditation
09:30 am Osho Audio Lecture
10:00 am Breakfast
11:00 Osho Vipassana Meditation
12:00 pm Dance, Body & Soul (Sel)
01:00 pm Lunch
02:00 pm Tarot: Mirror of Your Soul (Pashyo)
04:30 pm Osho Kundalini Meditation
06:00 pm Dinner
07:00 pm Osho Video Lecture
08:00 pm Pool & Jacuzzi Dance Party

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3 vegetarian meals provided by Darshana
included in workshop price.
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*Osho Dynamic Meditation: With breathing, catharsis, jumping, stillness and dance this active meditation clears out negative thoughts and emotions and lets you enter a space of silence and celebration.
*Osho Vipassana Meditation: Sitting silently you watch your breath, your thoughts and your emotions.
*Dance, Body & Soul: Sel Sarkin shares with us his version of the 5 Rhythms of Dance
*Tarot: Mirror of Your Soul: Pashyo shows us how to intuitively read tarot cards
*Osho Kundalini Meditation: This popular Osho meditation leads through shaking, free dancing, listening and silence.
*Osho Work Meditation: Meditation is not separate from our lives and needs to flow into all activities of the day.
*Osho Video Lecture: Allow peaceful presence to settle in you while you listen to Osho's insights.
*Pool & Jacuzzi Dance Party: Needs no explanations!